Andreas Dressler

Andreas Dressler has been active in foreign direct investment (FDI) for over 20 years. He is the founder of Location Decisions, a specialized location advisory firm that assists companies from different industries to select the best locations and secure favorable conditions for their investments worldwide. He also works with countries, regions, cities and industrial parks to implement investment promotion strategies and attract new investment.

In 2009, Andreas founded Terrain, a specialized consulting firm providing services to companies and investment promotion agencies. Terrain grew quickly to become one of the most respected consulting firms in the field of foreign direct investment. Andreas sold Terrain to Conway Data Inc. in 2013 and continued to run the company as a stand-alone division until 2017.

Andreas previously spent 13 years with KPMG, where he created a specialized cross border investment practice (Global Location & Expansion Services) and coordinated a global network of location advisory consultants. After 8 years with KPMG in the USA (Washington DC and New York), he moved to Germany build a location advisory group for KPMG in Europe while continuing to coordinate the firm’s global FDI advisory activities. During his time at KPMG, Andreas assisted dozens of companies to select international locations for new manufacturing plants, shared service centers, R&D centers, headquarters and other types of corporate facilities.

Andreas’ clients have included some of the world’s largest corporations as well as medium sized companies and technology-oriented start-ups. He has also worked with the investment promotion agencies of many of the world’s leading regions and cities as well as a range of developed countries and emerging economies. Through this experience, Andreas has developed an in-depth understanding of how companies make location decisions and what it takes for locations to attract them. He is a sought-after speaker and coach on all topics related to foreign investment and provides training to investment promotion agencies throughout the world.

Andreas has a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Bath in England.