Chris Knight

Chris Knight is the Global Commercial Director for fDi Intelligence, as well as co-founder of Wavteq Ltd. Chris has been working in the field of foreign direct investment and advising governments for over a decade. Chris is an expert in the benchmarking of locations, as well as analysing and interpreting FDI trends worldwide. Chris is also an expert on how to market and promote a location globally. Chris has worked with locations all over the world on a variety of lead generation and strategy projects.

Chris has worked with over 100 economic development organisations worldwide in all aspects of foreign direct investment including: lead generation, event organisation and management, best practice, investment promotion and location benchmarking propositions. Chris has extensive experience working in global markets including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Middle East.

Chris is one of the most dynamic speakers on FDI and over the past 8 years has been invited to speak in many events globally on best practice, FDI trends and benchmarking. These events include IEDC, WAIPA, EDCO AIM Congress. Again, these have been global conferences, taking place in such locations as Dubai, Rio, Singapore, Cannes and Barranquilla, to name a few. Chris has run training workshops on best practice in FDI globally.