Thouraya Triki

Thouraya Triki is acting manager for the Microeconomics, Institutional and Development Impact division at the Vice-Presidency for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management of the African Development Bank. Under this role, she manages a team of professional economists providing support to AfDB sector complexes to screen and process lending operations to non-sovereign beneficiaries, as well as the division’s research products. Before joining this division, Thouraya was Chief Country Economist within the AfDB north Africa regional department where she was actively involved in the design and management of AfDB private sector and financial sector operations in the North Africa region with a particular focus on Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. For instance, she was the head of the Souk At-tanmia secretariat (a 20-member partnership supporting entrepreneurs through funding and technical support), team leader of the AfDB regional Hub for Public Private Partnerships. She also actively contributed to various policy-based and technical assistance grant operations. Before joining the North Africa department, Thouraya worked for 5 years as a Senior then Principal Economist in the Additionality and Development Outcome Assessment team where she was actively involved in the selection and evaluation of projects financed by AfDB in the private sector, with a focus on financial sector deals. She is also the author of several publications on financial sector development and financial inclusion in Africa. Before joining AfDB, Thouraya was a professor of finance in Canada and France. She holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Finance from HEC Montreal. She is also a member board of the Association for the Advancement of African Women Economists (AAAWE).