Gamze Cizreli

She graduated from Middle East Technical University. After she experienced 3 years corporate life in a company that was in Defence Industry, she could not resist her entreprenurial spirit. Between 1993-2005, she created CAFEMİZ, KUKİ, QUICK CHINA in different concepts in Ankara.

In 2007, she left back all these brands and without equity, she created a new brand “BIG CHEFS Cafe – Brasserie” in Ankara that was financed 100% by a bank loan. Today Big Chefs has reached total of 60 locations (51 locations in Turkey, 9 locations in the world) with more than 2.800 employees.

Beside restaurant business, she was a part time lecturer on “Entrepreneurship” in Middle East Technical University. Also she wrote periodical gourmet and travel articles to different newspapers and magazines.
In 2010, she was awarded as the “Woman Entrepreneur of Turkey” by KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey).

In 2011,2013, 2017, she was awarded as the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” competiton organized by Economist magazine.

KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) and TURYID (Turkish Restaurant and Entertainment Association) are (notably )at the first place, she particapates in different non-governmental organisations.

She has two sons named Oğul and Ali.