Githa Roelans

Ms. Githa Roelans is Head of the Multinational Enterprises and Enterprise Engagement Unit of the ILO Enterprises Department. The unit provides policy advice and technical support on the application of the principles of the ILO Tripartite Declaration concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration) and plays a central role in the ILO’s engagement with MNEs. Through the ILO Helpdesk for Business, it works directly with companies seeking to integrate principles contained in international labour standards in company policies and operations. Githa Roelans held previous positions in the ILO Bureau for Gender Equality and the International Programme on the elimination of child labour. Before joining the ILO, she was Advisor and Research Fellow on CSR in the UNIDO Beijing Office. She is a graduate of the University of Leuven, where she held research and management posts.