Heilbron Armando

Leader for Investment Promotion at the World Bank Group. Global executive with 32-yrs experience in international business, investment promotion and private sector development with development organizations, private sector associations, governments, multinationals, and SMEs mostly in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Caribbean, and Africa, but also getting more involved in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Within the World Bank Group, his team has developed analytics, knowledge and toolkits for Investment Promotion and Special Economic Zones. They also advise internal and external clients around the world on creating the conditions to attract, establish, retain, expand and link transformational investment.

Worked 6 years for CINDE (Costa Rican Investment Board) leading strategy and implementation that resulted in record levels of transformational FDI, and the creation of the most dynamic clusters in the economy still today: high-tech manufacturing, life sciences and IT-enabled services, generating 80,000 jobs and flagship investments (Intel, Hospira/Abbott and P&G).

Fulbright, UC Berkeley MBA, fluent in Spanish, English and French, conversant in Portuguese.