Niels Maas

Niels Maas (1971)

CEO at Forglobal. Foreign investment expert. Strong advocate for global citizenship.
Forglobal is a leading network for investment promotion agencies all around the world. Forglobal makes international expansion simple: we connect investment promotion agencies, service providers and foreign businesses across borders. Forglobal is rapidly building its international business community where you can share and gain knowledge, connect with others and boost your foreign business leads.
Participating FDI agencies spotlight their city and their service offering with a city portal on the Forglobal platform to foreign companies and investors.

Previous career
Prior to founding Forglobal, Niels worked as an international expansion consultant with a focus on companies with fast moving consumer goods and retail formats.

In his corporate life he worked at Metro AG, a leading German global retailer. In various roles he was responsible for supply chain operations in 20+ European and Asian countries.

Niels is married with Yu Lian, has 3 daughters and is living in Amsterdam, close to the Amsterdam Zoo. He loves to spend the weekends with his family at their North Sea beach cottage. He sports a lot (running, swimming) and has strong interests in art, history and globalization.