Syed Husain Quadri

Mr. Syed Husain Quadri is a global development practitioner, currently heading the Division responsible for the development of Country Strategies of the 57-Member Countries of the largest development organization of the OIC region, the AAA-rated Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB). In addition, he is the focal point for the provision of advisory services and technical guidance in matters related to Regional Cooperation and Market Integration, primarily on issues around governing trade, FDI promotion, investment environment and infrastructure development at the regional level.

Mr. Quadri works closely with all the major Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Development Banks, Governments and institutions such as the OECD, UN, WTO, OIC, WAIPA etc. Mr. Quadri has also provided consulting and advisory services to the Governments of Kuwait, Malaysia, Niger, Uganda, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and Turkey. He has a Bachelors from King’s College London and a Masters from Imperial College London.